Materials for counselling centres:




The professional reorientation of persons working in prostitution entails specific opportunities and challenges for the person themself, their social support system, as well as for the social and economic systems. In view of the complexity of the subject matter, this guide is intended as an orientation aid both for persons in the process of professional reorientation and for the accompanying social workers and professionals. In cooperation with the professionals, clients create individual job plans that visually represent the client's path to finding a job and integration. These job plans should give clients a transparent overview of upcoming steps, reduce potential fears, strengthen their motivation.



The aim of these guidelines is to enable the successful integration of people who are or have been affected by violence in the context of prostitution into the labor market. This is achieved through a broad network of corporate and support partners who, together with you as a social institution (and network initiator), assist and guide those affected. When public sector and civil society actors pool their existing resources, the needs of the target group can be better met. To achieve this goal, local networks are established with partners from the business sector and public and private social institutions in order to close crucial gaps in provision for the target group and thus support them in a needs-based manner. The aim is to enable women and girls who have exited prostitution to achieve the highest possible degree of independence in the labor market.



As with all new hires, it is not only the matching of required skills and competencies that play a role, but also the understanding of employers and employees on a personal and team level. When working with victims of sexual exploitation and other forms of violence in the context of prostitution, the best possible preparation and support of all parties involved plays a key role. With regard to the clients in the integration process, the task of the best possible preparation and support lies with the social workers of the respective counseling center. During the course of the process, , there are increasingly job-specific aspects to the counseling in addition to basic topics of social counseling. It can be beneficial to prepare not only those affected but also employers for the coming cooperation and to offer advice and support during the integration process.



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