Project members:



Gemeinsam gegen Menschenhandel (Together against Human Trafficking) e.V., Berlin

Together against Human Trafficking is an alliance of more than 40 organisations and initiatives as well as some committed individuals who work against human trafficking in different ways. The focus is on public relations work; prevention in Germany and in the countries of origin; victim protection and victim assistance by supporting member organisations that do outreach work and run shelters and/or specialised counselling centres. Others have opened a so-called "Freedom Business", which enables them to offer trafficked and particularly vulnerable people a job and thus an income of their own; improving the legal framework in Germany by supporting measures that improve the prosecution of traffickers as well as victim protection and compensation. This also includes political demands and initiatives; nationwide and international networking of specialised counselling centres and relevant organisations.



Parakaleo e.V., Nuremberg

Parakaleo e.V. accompanies people in prostitution in Nuremberg and the surrounding area and wants to reduce the vulnerability of its clients, accompany them into stable living conditions and give them a chance for social integration and development. The association wants to contribute to giving people in prostitution more equal opportunities in society, regardless of their origin or social circumstances. The work areas of Parakaleo e.V. include outreach work, practical help and social counselling, support in leaving/transitioning and support through transitional housing.

The Justice Project e.V., Karlsruhe

The Justice Project e.V. is a non-profit association in Karlsruhe that supports trafficked persons and women in prostitution with client-oriented, holistic and accepting help. In order to cover the complex needs of our clients in the best possible way, we offer a broad support system. This includes two specialised counselling centres, outreach work in the red-light milieu and in refugee accommodation, a drop-in centre for women working in prostitution and a shelter for trafficked persons. The aim of our support services is to enable all our clients to lead a self-determined life by seeing them as experts in their own situation and providing them with individual support.


Herzwerk, Vienna

Since 2007, Herzwerk has been active as an initiative for people in prostitution in outreach social work on the street, in brothels, clubs, studios in and around Vienna. In addition, the organisation offers holistic, individual, low-threshold counselling and support to people in prostitution. Herzwerk's goal is to empower people: Since in many cases there is a coercive situation in the background, Herzwerk staff try to show perspectives through trust work and to support the pursuit of one's own goals. Herzwerk helps people to leave prostitution if they want to do so. The organisation relies on a good network of emergency shelters and counselling centres in the country and abroad. Public relations, political work and research are also part of Herzwerk's work.


Hope for the Future, Vienna

Hope for the Future e. V. offers people in prostitution and trafficked persons the active opportunity for a new professional start. Hope for the Future sees itself as an anchor of hope in order to overcome existential fears and worries together with those affected, to explore training opportunities and to realise the dream of a self-chosen professional future in freedom and dignity.
The association has various projects/workshops/courses, including a sewing workshop, in which those affected not only learn a new profession, but also and above all various work-related skills (punctuality, a regulated work routine, reliability, etc.). They can then apply and develop these skills either in a cooperation with a seminar hotel or in any jobs and training they get through the support of Hope for the Future.






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